The Big Eurovision Drag Show

Friday 10th May 2024
7:00 pm

Come celebrate everything fierce, freaky and funny about Eurovision with us. The biggest drag show ever at Werkstatt is happening the day before the big Eurovision 2024 Finale in Malmö and you don’t wanna miss this fabulous show.

Presented by CPH Drag Booking and hosted by Annie Rection and Sascha Holiday, you’re guaranteed a night filled with some of the very best of the Copenhagen drag scene! Oh yes, only 12 points here, baby!

See performances by Diana Diamond, Philipina, Danica Dimefox, Kacey Doll, Ava and Denise Delight. Joining the cast of queens are the amazing dancers from Liberty Dance Crew. It’s gonna be Eurovision music only for the entire show!

Drag show