Thursday 11th Apr 2024
7:00 pm

Join us for a night of exquisite sounds and loving vibes. Let yourself emerge into a unique audio experience with carefully selected DJs & artists. For our monthly Listening Bar we invite the artists to express themselves in different soundscapes than the ones they normally travel in. Pick your favorite soft spot and indulge in the embracing sounds from Anastasia Kristensen, Anna Logic and Severin.


Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Anastasia Kristensen’s distinct skills and electrifying DJ sets have set her apart from the crowd. Gathering sounds from a vast array of influences, she enthusiastically researches off-grid electronics and blends them together through an adventurous, if not infectious, mixing technique. To become the selector that she is today, Anastasia embraced non-conformity and fortitude throughout her life, continuously aiming for her audience to let go on the dancefloor. Her avant-garde, dance-oriented sets captivate audiences in an instant. Whoever attends one of Kristensen’s kaleidoscopic sets should be ready to get lost and experience the unpredictable.

Latvian born Anna Logic is a Copenhagen-based selector best know for the eclectic and a genrefluid style of DJing. Anna’s eclectic selections have everything from 90s to until today. Having a playful way of breaking down boundaries with contrasts and mixed feelings – jumping between soft and hard, old and new, fun and serious. Anna Logic has a constant desire to keep things fresh, combined with an unapologetically high standard when it comes to track selection.

A young talent with a lifelong passion for music, Severin is a defining presence in Copenhagen’s underground scene. His sound—a blend of melodic and melancholic progressive house and techno—captures the city’s diverse moods. From intimate venues like Culturebox and Werkstatt to the electric crowds at Distortion and Gravity, Severin’s music has become a local staple, moving hearts and feet alike.