Tornado Wallace

Friday 12th Apr 2024
8 pm

Dive into the sonic whirlwind when Tornado Wallace visits Klub Werkstatt April 12th. The forerunner of the new wave of Melbourne dance producers, Tornado Wallace, is a trailblazer of the Melbourne dance scene, setting the vibe with his unique electronic sound. And now, he’s taking his talents up north when he visits Klub Werkstatt for a memorable evening along side DJ’s Kasper Marrott og Wille.

Join us for a night of cutting-edge beats and captivating rhythms as Tornado Wallace takes control of the decks. Experience the fusion of Melbourne vibes and Berlin energy at Klub Werkstatt for this special night.

Tornado Wallace
Kasper Marrott

~ free entry until 22:30 ~
~ 80 DKK after 22:30 ~